Construction of Romaine-3 hydroelectric complex

Construction of Romaine-3 hydroelectric complexDaniel Roch-Lefebvre2018-06-29T21:52:45-04:00

Project Description

As part of the construction of the Romaine-3 hydroelectric complex, Hamel-CRT was awarded a number of contracts, including construction of the dam and excavation of the spillway. After 3 years of operations, the company had to dismantle its temporary facilities. Activa Environnement was mandated to carry out the characterization and site reclamation work. The contractor’s area notably included a heavy machinery repair area, several above-ground storage tanks, a truck wash area and parking areas for equipment.


Côte-Nord, Quebec

Environmental characterization and soil remediation


  • Site spanning 250,000 ft2
  • Site previously occupied by 2 heavy machinery maintenance garages, a 100,000-litre fuel tank farm and various areas for equipment washing and storage
  • Coordination of sampling at remote site