Development of Mont Sainte-Marguerite Wind Farm

Development of Mont Sainte-Marguerite Wind FarmDaniel Roch-Lefebvre2018-06-29T21:47:52-04:00

Project Description

Pattern Energy is an American renewable energy producer. In the course of developing its Mont-Sainte-Marguerite Wind Farm, the company contracted Activa Environnement to evaluate compensations for losses of agricultural and forest land. The mandate comprised the creation of an agreement template, presentation of the project to concerned landowners and the preparation of reports for each property. The contract also involved support for selling harvested timber and reimbursement for silviculture work.

Pattern Energy

Beauce, Quebec

Evaluation of compensation for agricultural and forested land


  • 147 MW project
  • 46 wind turbines and 28 km of roads to be built
  • Project in forested, sugar bush and agricultural areas
  • 73 landowners concerned by project