Planning of logging operations on René-Levasseur Island

Planning of logging operations on René-Levasseur IslandDaniel Roch-Lefebvre2018-06-29T19:46:08-04:00

Project Description

René-Levasseur Island was conceded to the logging company Kruger, which has been operating there since 2002. Kruger contracted Activa Environnement to perform a landscape sensitivity analysis of the most sensitive viewpoints from Monts Groulx. The study consisted of targeting the public sectors of interest, determining the degree of socio-economic importance and establishing the sensitivity of the areas to be logged.

Kruger Inc. - Scieries Côte-Nord

Landscape sensitivity analysis

Landscape sensitivity analysis


  • Island spanning 2,000 km2
  • Northernmost logging area in Quebec
  • Presence of social acceptability issues