Raglan Mine co-generation project

Raglan Mine co-generation projectDaniel Roch-Lefebvre2018-10-29T13:46:56-04:00

Project Description

In order to reduce its heating fuel consumption as well as its environmental footprint, Xstrata Nickel set out to install a wind-diesel co-generation system at the site of Raglan Mine. As part of the feasibility analysis, Activa Environnement was mandated to identify all environmental, regulatory and social constraints to be taken into account before installing the wind turbine.

Raglan Mine (part of the Glencore Group, formerly Xstrata Nickel)

Nunavik, Quebec

Environmental constraints analysis


  • Wind turbine installed near 62nd parallel
  • Co-generation system with storage
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions of 2,000 t/year