Replacement of Mathieu-D’Amours Dam

Replacement of Mathieu-D’Amours Dam Daniel Roch-Lefebvre 2018-06-29T19:14:34+00:00

Project Description

Quebec’s public dam service branch, the Direction des barrages publics, undertook a pre-construction study with the objective of analyzing different scenarios to replace the Mathieu-D’Amours Bridge. DPBP mandated Activa Environnement to perform biological characterization work for the site and to analyze the environmental impacts of each scenario. The characterization aimed to define the interaction of the dam with the river environment and to determine the issues associated with local fauna and flora species in order to develop the dam replacement concept.

Direction des barrages publics du Québec (MDDELCC)

Matane, Quebec

Biological characterization and environmental impact assessment


  • Dam with water level management
  • Project located in downtown Matane