Installation of “Patriotes” substation and supply line

Installation of “Patriotes” substation and supply lineDaniel Roch-Lefebvre2018-06-29T19:25:30-04:00

Project Description

Hydro-Québec plans to build a new substation as well as a 315 kV feeder line to meet sustained growth in the towns of Saint-Eustache, Deux-Montagnes and Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac. The project was subject to an environmental impact assessment under Quebec’s Environment Quality Act. Stantec, which was responsible for the study, contracted Activa Environnement to oversee the agricultural component of the said evaluation. The mandate included preparation of an overview of the sector and an assessment of project impacts on agriculture.


Saint-Eustache, Quebec

Environmental impact assessment


  • 315-25 kV substation occupying 32,000 m2
  • 5 km of new 315 kV power line
  • $70M project
  • Heavily farmed area