Boralex has recently contracted Activa Environnement to undertake the environmental characterization of a section of the Rimouski River consisting of the reservoir for La Pulpe hydroelectric station. The characterization was carried out in accordance with Section 46.0.3 of the EQA regarding work performed in wetlands or bodies of water. A professional four-person team has thus collected all data required by the Ministry of the Environment.

The Rimouski power plant is a run-of-the-river, 3.5 MW generating station located on the Rimouski River in Quebec’s Bas-Saint-Laurent region. Also known as La Pulpe, the Rimouski plant will produce enough power to meet the annual energy needs of approximately 1,300 residents in the region. When it was initially built in 1902, the dam was dedicated to wood pulp production. It was then modified in 1997 and commissioned as the current hydroelectric station.

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