Already 500 Clients!

Already 500 Clients!

Activa Environnement recently had the pleasure and the honour to serve its 500th client: Groupe Collette Inc. (GCI), a contractor for the oil industry on Montréal’s South Shore. Activa Environnement was contracted to carry out an environmental site characterization for the installation of a new gas station in Ville Mercier.

Over the years, Activa Environnement has continually expanded its clientele. Originally, the company worked at a regional scale and in a limited number of sectors such as energy and mineral resources. The firm gradually developed to meet the needs of companies working in a multitude of fields of activity at the national and international levels. The company has remained highly active in its initial markets while expanding its activities to include other spheres, notably roadwork, civil engineering and the industrial sector.

Activa Environnement’s current clientele includes a broad spectrum of regional enterprises such as Temrex, Groupe Bouffard and Construction & Pavage Portneuf, as well as larger corporations the likes of EDF Renewables, Kruger, Eurovia, Hydro-Québec and the Quebec Department of Transport.

The firm has consistently prioritized the success of its clients, explains General Manager Jean-François Hudon. “Our approach has always consisted of developing a strong bond with our clients by placing their success at the heart of each of our actions. Whenever we develop a new business relationship, we work hard to establish a lasting partnership that will still be just as strong in 25 years. This is how we have succeeded in earning and, especially, maintaining the trust of numerous companies. This is also what explains why many clients from our early days are still reliable partners today.”

With over 3,000 completed mandates, the company enjoys high client loyalty and an excellent rate of repeat business.

About Groupe Colette

Based on Montréal’s South Shore, Groupe Collette is a general and oil contractor operating since 1974. For over 40 years, Groupe Collette has built a solid reputation in installing petroleum facilities such as fuelling stations for various distribution chains of oil derivatives.

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