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ACTIVA Environnement is a leading player in the natural resources sector. We accompany proponents at every stage of their projects, from initial planning to the end of operations Regardless of the scope of your project, we propose realistic and effective solutions that translate into quantifiable gains for you. Whether it’s for opening a new site or managing operations, our experts are prepared to provide you with proper consultancy.

A few of our clients

Béton Provincial / BML – Sintra / Carrières Dubé et Fils Inc. / Carrières Rive-Sud / Construction & Pavage Portneuf / Claveau concassage & granulats / Eurovia / Piercon / MFFP / Temrex / Rexforêt / Rosario Poirier Inc. / Kruger / Coopérative forestière de la Matapédia / Raglan Mine / Osisko Metals / Orbite Technologies / McInnis Cement

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ACTIVA Environnement accompanies mineral prospecting companies as well as mining proponents at a number of levels. Whether you’re looking to conduct a feasibility study, obtain the required authorizations or carry out environmental site monitoring, you need not hesitate to turn to our experts.

  • Preliminary environmental constraints analysis
  • Verification of regulatory and environmental compliance
  • Wildlife and plant surveys
  • Baseline noise studies and acoustic simulations
  • Hydrogeological studies
  • Landscape studies and visual simulations
  • Environmental permitting and authorization planning
  • Municipal attestations, resolutions and permits
  • Provincial authorizations (MDDELCC authorization, MERN leases and permits, MFFP intervention permit, etc.)
  • Identification and characterization of wetlands and watercourses
  • Analysis and management of contaminated soil and water
  • Wildlife habitat characterizations
  • Validation of the presence of special status species of fauna or flora
  • Validation of the presence of exotic/invasive species
  • Environmental action and protection plans
  • Habitat compensation program
  • Environmental monitoring of construction sites
  • Baseline noise studies and acoustic monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Representation services vis-à-vis municipalities, ministries and other stakeholders
  • Consultation and interfacing with local communities

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