For nearly twenty years, ACTIVA Environnement has accompanied a number of municipalities, developers, general contractors and engineering consulting firms in the field of infrastructure planning and construction. Whether it is for site characterization, obtaining authorizations or construction monitoring, leave it to our team of experts to simplify your life.

A few of our clients

MTMDET / Eurovia / BML-Sintra / Béton Provincial / Construction & pavage Portneuf / Couillard Construction / Projexco-Sema / Société du chemin de fer de la Gaspésie / Rail GD / Fisheries and Oceans Canada / Ocean Group / Meridien Maritime / Chantier naval FNP / City of Rimouski / Town of Amqui / Town of Mont-Joli / City of Matane / Town of Gaspé / Municipality of Pohénégamook / Municipality of Maria / Landfill of Saint-Alphonse

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Roadways and Bridges

Over the years, the ACTIVA Environnement team has participated in over one hundred road projects and construction sites in Quebec. Whether for a project impact assessment, preparation of an environmental action plan or construction site monitoring, our team has all the necessary tools to provide effective advisory services. We know that beyond compliance with standards, each and every construction site comes with its own specific constraints that require suitable and timely solutions.

  • Environmental action and protection plans
  • Municipal attestations, resolutions and permits
  • Provincial authorizations (MDDELCC authorization, MERN leases and permits, MFFP intervention permit, etc.)
  • CPTAQ authorization for protected agricultural zones
  • Environmental monitoring of construction sites
  • Validation of the presence of special status species of fauna or flora
  • Validation of the presence of exotic/invasive species
  • Baseline noise studies and acoustic monitoring
  • Analysis and management of contaminated soil and water
  • Water quality and suspended matter monitoring
  • Agronomic monitoring required by CPTAQ

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