Michel Leclerc landed an $18M contract to carry out upgrades on a 2 km stretch of Route 132 in Chandler. The company turned to Activa Environnement to prepare and execute the noise management program required by Quebec’s Department of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Electrification of Transportation (MTMDET).

Ambient noise measurements will first be taken in sectors considered to be sensitive in order characterize the acoustic levels to which residents are accustomed. A noise control program will then be developed by modelling the sound levels produced by machinery operating on the construction site and proposing suitable mitigation measures. Lastly, acoustic monitoring will be conducted throughout the work to ensure that the proposed mitigation measures are sufficient to meet the established objectives.

Groupe Michel Leclerc is a general contractor that specializes in civil engineering projects, notably road redesigns and bridge construction. The company is based in Sherbrooke, but is active throughout Quebec.