Activa Environnement and its subsidiary have installed two EV charging stations for their employees and clients at their offices in Rimouski. In order to encourage the energy transition, these charging stations will be available free of charge.

This initiative represents an investment of over $6,000. The two companies, both of which are directly involved in environment-related sectors, have always felt strongly about taking concrete actions for the protection of our planet.

“This new measure is the latest addition to a number of initiatives implemented over the years that aim to reduce our environmental footprint such as recycling, sustainable procurement and energy conservation. A few of our employees already own such vehicles and we are convinced that this project will encourage others to do the same in the future,” explains Julie Potvin, general director of JMP Consultants.

About JMP Consultants

JMP Consultants is an agricultural consulting firm that helps farmers maximize their yields and optimize how they manage their operations. Whether it concerns fertilization, growing practices, animal husbandry or financial management, the organization’s 12-person team supports clients in carrying out their projects. The company also carries out mandates for municipalities and cities, notably in the context of the recovery of municipal biosolids for the agricultural sector. With approximately 300 clients served every year, the firm is active throughout the province.