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Already 500 Clients!

By ACTIVA Environnement| November 2 2018|Industry and Commerce|

Activa Environnement recently had the pleasure and the honour to serve its 500th client: Groupe Collette Inc. (GCI), a contractor for the oil industry on Montréal's South Shore. Activa Environnement was contracted to carry out an environmental site characterization for the installation of a new gas station in Ville Mercier. [...]

Environmental Impact Study for Kruger Energy

By ACTIVA Environnement| September 3 2018|Energy|

Kruger Energy is developing the Des Cultures Wind Farm Project in Quebec's Montérégie region, which will comprise between 6 and 8 wind turbines for an installed capacity of 24 MW. The company contracted Activa Environnement to carry out the environmental impact assessment that will be submitted to Quebec's Department of Sustainable [...]

Noise Management Program for Route 132 Upgrade in Chandler

By ACTIVA Environnement| August 15 2018|Infrastructure|

Michel Leclerc landed an $18M contract to carry out upgrades on a 2 km stretch of Route 132 in Chandler. The company turned to Activa Environnement to prepare and execute the noise management program required by Quebec's Department of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Electrification of Transportation (MTMDET). Ambient noise measurements will [...]

Environmental Monitoring for McInnis Cement

By ACTIVA Environnement| July 9 2018|Industry and Commerce|

McInnis Cement has contracted Activa Environnement to carry out various types of environmental monitoring required during the first year of operation of its cement mill in Port-Daniel–Gascons. The monitoring notably pertains to acoustic climate quality, groundwater quality, integrity of wetlands and aquatic environments, adequate revegetation of sectors temporarily used for [...]

Bourg du Petit-St-Jean Receives Authorization from Quebec’s Agricultural Land Protection Commission (CPTAQ)

By ACTIVA Environnement| June 19 2018|Industry and Commerce|

A group of eight investors is currently developing Le Bourg du Petit-St-Jean, a housing project consisting of over 1,400 residential units in Lévis. Activa Environnement was contracted in 2017 to obtain authorizations from CPTAQ for construction of the sanitary sewer, an essential preliminary step of the project. Building this sewer [...]

Environmental Authorizations and Permitting for Dune-du-Nord Wind Farm

By ACTIVA Environnement| April 18 2018|Energy|

Dune-du-Nord S.E.C. is drawing on Activa Environnement's expertise to obtain environmental authorizations and permits for the development of the Dune-du-Nord Wind Farm in the Magdalen Islands. The mandate notably comprises the environmental studies to be conducted as well as validation and adaptation of environmental studies previously performed by the intermunicipal [...]

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