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Upgrades to Rail Bridge over Port-Daniel River

By ACTIVA Environnement| November 24 2020|Infrastructure|

In order to restore passenger and freight service over the entire Gaspé Railway by 2025, a number of major upgrades to the railroad have been identified by Transports Québec. Activa Environnement was mandated by AECOM to carry out environmental monitoring of the repairs planned for the rail bridge P-19237 in [...]

75th Convention of the QRBHCA: An Environmentally-friendly Event

By ACTIVA Environnement| February 5 2019|Infrastructure|

The director general of the Quebec Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association (QRBHCA), Ms. Gisèle Bourque, is pleased to announce that the organization’s 75th Convention has obtained Level 3 of the BNQ standard for Responsible Event Management (9700-253). Activa Environnement is a proud partner in the environmentally-responsible measures implemented for [...]

Noise Management Program for Route 132 Upgrade in Chandler

By ACTIVA Environnement| August 15 2018|Infrastructure|

Michel Leclerc landed an $18M contract to carry out upgrades on a 2 km stretch of Route 132 in Chandler. The company turned to Activa Environnement to prepare and execute the noise management program required by Quebec's Department of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Electrification of Transportation (MTMDET). Ambient noise measurements will [...]